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"Satow's Hal is spot on, an ordinary guy moving believably though a range of situations and emotions. There's even an understated yet discernable difference between the current and four-year younger Hal, in a second act "flash back." It's a smooth, easy, stellar performance."

- Jeanné McCartin, Spotlight Press


"And what of the men in their lives? From Maureen's uncaring boyfriend to her angry brother, they're all expertly portrayed by Michael Satow. He makes each character so distinctive that theatergoers might believe they're seeing at least two different actors in these roles."

- Peter Filichia, The Star Ledger I HEART KANT

- Adrienne Cea, Offoffonline BETWAIN

"Cannibalism in the Cars [is] a darkly comedic song that Satow delivers with the perfect blend of hilarity and horror. "

"Michael Satow is giving one of the strongest performances as Ethan."

- William S. Oser,  Talking Broadway

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